World’s best Universal Phone & Tablet Holder

Durable, versatile & with a powerful grip


GRIPAD™ holds weights of up to 1KG (2.2LB/35.3OZ)

With such a powerful grip, GRIPAD™ can hold any device that weighs up to 1KG (2.2LB/35.3OZ).
The majority of hand-held devices today, such as mobile devices, tablets, mini-tablets and so on, all weighs less than 1KG, so GRIPAD™ can hold them very easily and securely.

Grips Mobile Phones

GRIPAD™ can practically hold all mobile devices out there. Just stick it on the back of you mobile phone and your are all set.

Grips Tablets

Grips you tablets, regardless of their size, as long as they are less than 1KG – which is most tablets out there.

Grips Other Devices

You can use GRIPAD™ with practically any device. Kindles, Cameras, Tools and so on..

Mount your mobile devices anywhere

GRIPAD™ can hold your mobile devices on any flat surface. It works very well on plastic, metal, tiles, wood, glass and the list goes on..
So throw away your car mount holder and your selfie stick – GRIPAD™ will replace them all.
No magnets, no clunky mounts, no glue – just a strong grip.

anti-gravity phone case, mount, holder, skin, cover. Stick device to any surface (wall, car dashboard)

Cool mobile phone stand

GriPad™ can be used not only as a mobile device/s mount, it can be used as a mobile phone stand! Just adjust the front side to a desirable angle, place your phone on its side and voila! you’ve got yourself a phone stand as well

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