Using GRIPAD™ couldn’t be easier

Really, GRIPAD™ is the world’s best mobile devices mount for a good reason, it’s just so easy to use.
Check out the simple instructions below and see for yourself.
Remember, GRIPAD™ has a very strong grip (on flat surfaces) and can hold weights of up to 1KG,
so you can use it for your mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and so on.
Use it to replace a heavy and unwieldy selfie stick, and even replace a clunky mobile phone stand for vloggers.

Grip your device to any flat surface:

Flip the back side to reveal the internal sticky side

Press the device down onto any flat ​surface that’s free from dust and dirt​. The grip won’t be as strong, otherwise

Ensure your device is firmly gripped, especially when using a new type of surface you haven’t used before. Some surfaces may grip more firmly than others

anti-gravity phone case, mount, holder, skin, cover. Stick device to any surface (wall, car dashboard)

To detach your device:

Grab your device’s edge (from either side) and pull gently towards you and it will detach from the surface

NOTE: When using GRIPAD™ on glass or mirror surfaces, make sure you PULL and not ROTATE your devices when detaching it from the surface – otherwise it may leave some marks on the glass/mirror.

To use GRIPAD™ as a phone stand:

Simply set the desired angle, and you’re all set!

Where to buy a GRIPAD™?