Our simple yet revolutionary product — the GRIPAD™ — makes it easier for you to create and watch content while you’re on-the-go.

Multimedia is embedded into our culture. Creating engaging photos or videos and sharing them online is partly an artform — but it’s also a way of interacting with our friends from wherever we are. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are, of course, the apps at the forefront of this movement.

But sharing and consuming multimedia on our mobile devices isn’t as simple as it ought to be. Think about it:

  • Has there ever been a time where you would’ve liked to take a selfie, but didn’t have any device to help you?
  • Have you ever wanted to dock your phone in the car, train, or even at the gym, but had no way of doing so?
  • Or perhaps you’ve been reading or watching videos and simply wanted your mobile device held steadily in one place?

If you answered yes to any of the above then read on!

10 Situations Where The GRIPAD™ Solves Your Problem

1. Taking selfies

We don’t all want to carry around impractical selfie sticks. That’s where the Gripad comes in. Just stick your mobile device onto any smooth surface and use the camera auto-timer feature to create ‘arm free’ photos or videos from wherever you are!

2. Vlogging

Run a video blog? Well, you don’t always have to carry around hefty equipment like tripods. You could benefit from using the Gripad to create your content from any location, by simply attaching your device to a wall, mirror, window — or any other smooth surface, in fact.

3. At the gym

Some exercise machines have a phone mount — but others don’t. Users of the Gripad have the ability to flip open the cover and instantly attach their device to a nearby surface. The Gripad enables you to listen to music or watch videos with ease.

4. In the kitchen

We’ve all been there — trying to simultaneously follow intricate cooking instructions (or keep up with our favourite TV show), whilst cooking. But keeping our expensive devices safely away from the food is tricky. Thankfully the Gripad saves us from expensive mishaps: just simply mount your device to a fridge, cooker or nearby cupboard. It’s as easy as that.

5. In the bathroom

We often use our devices in the bathroom, too. We all have toothbrush and toilet paper holders, but nothing for our mobile or tablets! The Gripad solves this problem by allowing us to stick our devices firmly onto bathroom tiles or glass. Now you can follow make up videos or beauty advice with no difficulty.

6. Navigation

Using smartphones as a ‘satnav’ is common nowadays. Unfortunately this requires a clumpy and often unreliable phone stand. But if you have a flat, smooth surface on your dashboard then you can quickly mount your phone on there using Gripad.

7. Special occasions

Use Gripad on video chat to share memorable moments with family or friends. It’s perfect for birthdays, parties, events — or for shooting exciting sporting activities.

8. Time-lapses

Gripad has the benefit of staying super steady and firm, which is essential for filming the perfect time lapse. You’ll never miss a moment with your small (yet super-strong) Gripad neatly attached to the back of your device.

9. Watching videos on-the-go

It’s uncomfortable holding your device for long periods whilst travelling in a car, plane, train or other vehicle, right? Kids also agree with that. And this is where Gripad excels. It can hold up to 1kg of weight, meaning it’s suitable for the most hefty tablets as well as lighter smart phones.

10. Balancing your phone

Have you ever tried to balance your phone using a nearby object? This is no problem with a Gripad. Just flip open the back cover of the Gripad and it doubles up a simple and effective phone stand. Now you can read or watch videos from any table or counter top.

So how could Gripad help you?