The image above looks familiar?

Have you tried any of these car cradles or car mounts recently and got disappointed?

We know the feeling, we tried them all as well and we also got disappointed, most of them are quite bulky & fiddly, some of them don’t have a strong grip, well, at least not all the time, and few of them actually broke all together.

We were thinking, how is that possible that no one had thought about a different approach? how is that possible that there is no new kind of mobile phone car cradle, one that will provide a solution to all the faults we mentioned above?

So, we started searching for something new, a car cradle that will be durable, so it wont break,  a car cradle that will be supper easy to use, and of course – it must have a strong grip, ideally with no magnets or clips & springs that usually break after a while.

After looking and searching, and them some more searching.. we just could not find any car mount that will answer our requirements. So guess what we did..? you got it! we did it ourselves!

Goodbye old-style car cradle, hello GRIPAD™!

Finding an idea for a new type of cradle was not easy, especially when the market is saturated with many types of cradles, from vent-type cradles to suction-cup style cradles and all the way to a CD-slot cradles. So we started with a single question that would hopefully get us on the right path: what is it that make them all the same?

The answer was simple, they are all units that you mount on to your CAR and so the makers can make them as bulky and fiddly as they want, in the hope that they will serve its purpose – to hold your mobile phone while you are in your car.

But what happens if you leave your car and say go to the gym? what if you want to mount your phone there? or at the office? or at home? This got us thinking.. and we said: “why don’t we put the car mount on the PHONE itself?”

GRIPAD™ the world’s best car cradle

From there the idea developed and we created a care cradle, or more like a car mount unit, that can stick to your mobile phone and make it grip anywhere you want. There is no limitation to where you can use GRIPAD™, all you need to do is flip its cover and you are ready to go!

It’s durable and will never break.

It’s simple and supper easy to use.

And it will always have a super strong grip.