Are you looking for something that enables you to stick your phone to any surface? Have you been searching for an anti-gravity phone case?

If you answered yes to either of the above, then you’re in the right place. What you ought to know about is a revolutionary anti-gravity phone gripping device, named GRIPAD™.


anti-gravity phone case, mount, holder, skin, cover. Stick device to any surface (wall, car dashboard)anti-gravity phone case, mount, holder, skin, cover. Stick device to any surface (wall, car dashboard)anti-gravity phone case, mount, holder, skin, cover. Stick device to any surface (wall, car dashboard)


5 Reasons GRIPAD™ is The Best Anti-Gravity Phone Grip Pad

You’re probably wondering what our sticky grip pad offers over other “zero gravity” phone cases and portable device mounts. The quick answer is simplicity.

Gripad is, by far, the neatest anti-gravity phone holder on the market. It’s specifically designed for securely mounting your phone to various surfaces — like walls, ceramics, wood and plastic. At times it looks as if it couldn’t possibly hold your device — but the tiny pad is deceptively strong and sticky.

Here’s the top 5 reasons why you should invest in the world’s best anti-gravity phone holder…


1. Small, Inoffensive Design

anti-gravity phone case, mount, holder, skin, cover. Stick device to any surface (wall, car dashboard)

Bigger isn’t always better — especially when it comes to phone cases and mounts. Sticking your phone to a vertical surface like a wall or a car dashboard need not require such large, fixed apparatus. It’s impractical.

Gripad is small and inoffensive. It attaches to the back of your phone (or other, heavier device) in seconds. Leave it on your device ready for use, or otherwise detach it and store it at home. It’s essentially a super-strong portable phone grip pad that requires no additional equipment for usage.

Furthermore it can be used in conjunction with your favourite phone case or skin. You don’t have to be tied to a “selfie phone case” or “suction case” on your otherwise pretty iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Choose whatever cover reflects your own personality and attach our small grip sticker to the back side. It’s as simple as that.

Selfie sticks, docking stations, phone cradles… How about just the one 55mm x 55mm, virtually weightless, anti-gravity grip pad? It’s no contest.


2. Doubles Up As A Phone Stand

anti-gravity phone case, mount, holder, skin, cover. Stick device to any surface (wall, car dashboard)

Anti-gravity phone cases don’t usually offer any additional features. They’re for sticking your phone to a surface — and that’s it. The Gripad phone grip sticker offers more than that.

Think about all those occasions where you don’t require your phone to be stuck to a vertical surface. Well, our anti-gravity grip pad also functions as a phone stand, too. Use the flip lid to balance your phone neatly on any horizontal surface — like a table, kitchen counter or sideboard.

Of course the flip lid also preserves the stickiness of the phone grip pad, too. Pop it open before sticking your phone to any smooth surface, and close it when you’re finished.

And in case you’re wondering: our grip sticker doesn’t simply lose it’s anti-gravity gripping abilities over time. If dirt or dust gets onto the phone pad, then you can restore its original strong hold by cleansing it with water.


3. Sticks To Any Surface

Our grip pad allows you to stick your phone to any surface — provided it’s smooth enough. You can do this as and when you want, as frequently as you want. Simply twist your phone when you’re ready to dismount it.

Use it on tiles, walls, glass, and wood around the home. Or mount it to the dashboard in the car.
There are countless materials you can stick your phone to. What’s more, unlike various other products you don’t have to ‘prepare’ by attaching something to the surface first.

Imagine doing away with the various phone mounts and docking stations you already own; the ones scattered around the home, office and car. Now you can replace them all with just one phone grip pad, ready to use on demand.


4. Offers Advantages Over Suction Phone Holders

Other phone gripping devices have attempted to conquer the market. But they have too many disadvantages.

Take the popular suction phone holders as an example. The main downside to suction holders or mounts is that they only stick to shiny surfaces — like glass or ceramics. They’re also heavily reliant on being air-tight — meaning they’re notoriously prone to slipping or coming loose. That’s bad news for your expensive phone.

Gripad, on the other hand, sticks phones to multiple surfaces without the need for creating a ‘vacuum’. Crucially, our product offers superior sticking capabilities than phone suction holders, as well as many inferior sticky pads or covers.

Another thing to consider here is that most suction phone holders don’t exactly look all that great. Aesthetically the 2mm-thick anti-gravity Gripad trumps it, too. It’s win-win.


5. Versatility

In case you haven’t gathered already — Gripad is a versatile phone gripping device. It’s not made to serve one specific purpose.

In fact, we’re still discovering new and interesting ways that people can enjoy using our innovative anti-gravity grip sticker. Check out our post 10 Situations Where The Gripad Solves Your Problem.


How might you benefit from the ability to attach your phone anywhere, at any time?